Drug Advertising Pisses Me Off

“Your body was made for better things than Rheumatoid Arthritis.” So says the television ad for one of the many treatments for my disease. The woman in the ad wakes in a bright bedroom with crisp white bedding, looking perfectly coiffed (no bedhead). She proceeds to do all the things an upper middle class white … Continue reading Drug Advertising Pisses Me Off

Badass Feminist: Pamela Simmons

This is the second post in the Badass Feminist series, highlighting feminists in all parts of the healthcare world - patients, providers, administrators, and others. My name is Pamela Simmons, I am 51 years old and I live in Putney, Vermont. I am a patient with permanent issues. In 2005, I took a bad fall; … Continue reading Badass Feminist: Pamela Simmons