“Mama, tell me a story.” Last night I put my hand on your chest and felt your heart beating, frantic with nightmare. My touch soothed you and you slept on peacefully. I wished then that all the moments of your life would be so beautiful. “Mama, tell me a story.” When you were tiny, your … Continue reading Stories

SNAP Food Boxes Are a Terrible Idea

“Strawberries! I want strawberries!” My daughter, three at the time, ran over to the display and grabbed a container of bright red berries, then turned to put them in our cart. I looked at the price: $4.99 for a quart. “Not today, sweetie,” I told her, hoping I wouldn’t get a tantrum. “Let’s go pick … Continue reading SNAP Food Boxes Are a Terrible Idea

Badass Feminist: Kate DeWolfe

(This is the first of a series of interviews with badass feminists in the healthcare world.) Kate DeWolfe is a patient representative located in Brattleboro, Vermont. They are both a patient and a provider, and dedicated to improving psychiatric treatment for all. How would you describe yourself in a healthcare setting (i.e. patient, provider, etc.)? … Continue reading Badass Feminist: Kate DeWolfe